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The 6 Steps to Succeed with Celiac Disease

November 07, 2022 Belinda Whelan Season 1 Episode 82
The Healthy Celiac Podcast
The 6 Steps to Succeed with Celiac Disease
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Living with Celiac Disease is more than just eating gluten free. In today's episode, you will learn what my Top 6 areas of knowledge you need to know to thrive as a Celiac.

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Hello and welcome back to this week's episode. Now, on this week's show, I want to talk to you about the six steps that I think every celiac needs to learn on their journey so that they can thrive with celiac disease. And on top of that is just icing on the cake. So if you are brand new to being diagnosed with celiac disease, these are my six things that I know that you need to learn as quick as possible to be able to move forward and get on with life and flourish. Now, if you've been living with celiac disease for a little while, this is still relevant to you because you may not have done some of these things. So I wanna cover off these six things for you today, and then I'm gonna talk to you about how I can help you achieve those six steps. All right . So the first thing that you definitely need to learn about when you've been diagnosed with celiac disease is how to read labels. Okay? Label reading is one of those things that once you learn how to do it and you've mastered it, you can confidently go out and shop and buy food that is safe for you. Okay? It may sound easy in theory , um, but for some people they do struggle with it and all of the things that they need to look for when shopping. So that would be the first thing that you definitely need to do, as well as understanding what gluten is and how it affects your body. So that's step one, is making sure that you know how to read labels and to know exactly what gluten is and what it does to you. The second step is to go in and completely sought your kitchen out. If you didn't do this from day one and you've been living with celiac disease for a while , it may be something that is causing you ongoing issues. There may be problems with cross contact going on in your kitchen. If you share a kitchen with, say, other family members that consume gluten, or you live with roommates and they have gluten, if you don't have your kitchen and your pantry set up correctly, then you are pretty much set to fail because it is something that you need to have in order to keep you safe and to make sure that you are not getting gluten. So that would be my second step would be kitchen and pantry set up . Now the third step is knowing how to shop for the best foods that are right for your body. Now, just because you have celiac disease, you have to eat gluten free , obviously, but you also need to learn which foods are going to help you move forward and to, I guess, nourish your body and be the best thing for you. So that would be my, my third step, sorry, would be how to shop for the best foods that are right for you. Now, the fourth step is definitely prospering whilst eating out and traveling. Now, if you are living in fear of these things and not enjoying life, then I suggest you go back and check out my episode about fearing gluten and listen to that because that's, that's what I focus on when I teach people about prospering in these areas and making sure that you are able to, I guess, eat out confidently and travel. And I have extensive knowledge in this area. I've traveled to many different countries. Um, I'm an ex flight attendant as well, so I've got some really fantastic tips on how to make sure that you are safe when traveling. Now, step five would be knowing how to heal your body because you now have celiac disease, you need to know how to heal your body from all that damage that has been done in the lead up to this point, don't you? Okay. It's all very well going gluten free , but we need to know how to heal our body so that we can move forward and get through the inflammation and make sure that our body is in a state of, I guess, wellness once again. Um, and, and that is something that many of us never get taught. We basically get told to just eat gluten free and be on our merry way . So that is something that I truly, truly believe that we need to have a major emphasis on and focus on once we have got celiac disease and move forward, because, you know, if we don't heal our body, then we are not gonna be in that wellness state. So very, very important. And also within step five, it is very important as well to learn how to cope with accidental glutens because it does happen. Unfortunately, it happens less and less the more that you learn about celiac disease and the more that you are on top of making sure that your space is safe and you know, you are very, very aware of what you're shopping for and how to eat out and all of those types of things. But once you've got those practices in place, it's less likely that you're going to get gluten. But again, these things still happen. So it's knowing what to do and having those checklists in place and having those steps to take that if you do get accidentally glutened, that you can get on top of it very, very quickly and have all those things on hand that you need to be able to move forward and, and heal your body quicker from being accidentally glutened. Okay? The sixth thing would be to flourish with how to cope in life. Okay? And when I say life, I'm talking about in the workplace with your friends in social settings in the workplace. Um, if you have children helping them thrive in school, these are areas that need to be touched on. These are areas that you need to learn a lot about because unfortunately, those, those, those areas of your life can make or break you, if I'm completely honest. If you have a child with celiac disease and you don't have steps in place for them at school to be safe and to know what information the school needs to have and how to help your child to advocate for themselves in a school setting or even going to birthday parties, things like that, then that can really set them apart from the other children and, and really set them back, I guess, as well in their journey with celiac disease. Now, workplace is another one. If you don't have the strategies in place to be able to thrive in your workplace, again, that can really, really set you back. Friendships, there are just, there are so many things that we could cover off about friendships, and, and it's one of those things as well, that if you don't have the things to say to your friends and the questions to ask to be able to move forward, then you know, that can really, really hold you back in life no matter what, even when it's not to do with living with celiac disease. But having that sixth step, knowing that you can take on anything that's thrown at you when it comes to friendships, when it comes to family, when it comes to the workplace, at school, all of these different environments can make a huge, huge difference to living with celiac disease. So they are my sixth steps that you need to learn and to be able to flourish with celiac disease. Now, this is basically a breakdown of what I share with you and teach you in ultimate Celiac system. So my whole purpose is to make your life better. If you've listened to any other episodes up until now, you know that I am here to make your life better and to change your life for the better. So for those of you that are very new to your journey with Celiac disease, I highly recommend this program. This is the program that I built for past me. I built this because it includes everything that I missed out on being taught. It was everything that I had to learn over years and years and years of making mistakes, years and years and years of study. I had to become a health coach to learn how to heal my body. There were just so many things that I wish that I knew earlier, and that is why I want to teach you at all now, so that you don't have to wait years and years and make the all the mistakes that most of us make. So go and check it out. I'll pop the link below so that you can go and , and find out more about it. If you have any questions, please just shoot them through to me. I'm always here for you guys, if you've got any questions. So

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Shoot me through an email, info belinda . But otherwise, I hope that helps you and I hope that inspires you to learn more about how to thrive with celiac disease. And I look forward talking to talking with you again very, very soon. Have a great week. Take care. Bye .