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Mindset Tweaks for a Better Life

June 27, 2022 Belinda Whelan Season 1 Episode 64
The Healthy Celiac Podcast
Mindset Tweaks for a Better Life
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As a woman with Celiac Disease, it's also important to focus on other areas of your health and lifestyle aside from living gluten free, which is why I am sharing some tips to help you improve your mindset on today's episode. 

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Speaker 1:

All right . So just really quickly today, I wanna talk about something that I think is super important for not only us living with celiac disease, but every single person out there. And this is the one thing that controls every single thing in our life. It controls our habits. It controls how we eat. It controls how we show up in the world. And it's the simple thing of your mindset. So your mindset is so important for every single factor, because when you are having negative thoughts, when you are feeling down, when you are putting yourself in a place where you don't need to be, it actually has this huge flow on effect to the rest of your life. But when you're in a positive state, when you're feeling good, when you're thinking positive thoughts, and when you are focused on where you're going, what you're doing and a positive outcome, your life can be very, very different. Now, for those of you that have listened to my episode, where I talked about how I had postnatal depression you'll know that I was in a pretty dark place for quite some time. And I managed to get myself out of that by focusing on a number of factors, but mindset was one of the biggest ones. So I had to have a shift in the way that I was focusing on my life. I had to have a shift in where I was putting my energy. And when I started to really focus back on my mindset, I realized that there were so many habits that had snuck into my life that were never part of my life before. And it's been a journey and it's taken time to get out of those habits. But I look back now and realize that they were all contributing to feeling the way that I was feeling. And I know that mindset plays such a huge role in my life. And I can see even just in the last few months, some more shifts and some more focuses that I have made, how much of a difference it's made in my life again. And it's just a couple of little tweaks. And I just wanna share those with you today because I really truly believe that they can make a huge difference in your life as well now for your mindset, what do you need to do to change it? Because it's like driving a car. You don't just wake up one day and you know how to drive a car. You have to learn how to drive that car. You have to have lessons and it takes time and you get better and better at it. The more you do it. And it's exactly the same with your mindset. The more you focus on it, the more you can push out those negative thoughts. The more that you can add in those positive thoughts. So it's about what you're feeding into your mindset. So it's really important when you focus on this, that you are eliminating as many things as possible that are negative. So you may have heard me talk about this in other episodes, and it's what you consume. So what you consume affects your mindset. It's what you are listening to in the morning. It's what you are watching on TV. You know, whether you are putting the radio on, in the car on your way to work, what you are looking at on your phone, first thing in the morning, it's all going into your mindset. So you don't wanna be listening to negative things. You don't wanna be feeding your mindset, all these negative things. And it's known that the first 20 minutes of you waking up in the morning is when you are the most susceptible to feeding your brain and absorbing that information. So if in the first 20 minutes of you waking up in the morning and you pick up your phone and you are scrolling social media, or you are reading the news article for the day, you are probably absorbing a lot of negativity into your head and absorbing that and taking it on and going about your day with that already in your mindset. Whereas if you don't do those things, so you don't listen to the news, you don't listen to this negativity coming in in drones, basically. Like it just is one thing after the other, it can be a very different start to your day. So how can you change this? What can you do instead? So I get up in the morning and I read affirmations. So I have affirmations on my phone. I have in the past written out lists of them for myself, and I would stick them up and read them. I would have sticky notes around, but I have kids that just like to pull things apart and take things away from me and not leave things where I like them. So now I just have them on my phone. And it's one of the very first things that I do in the morning after I get up. So I just read through about 15 different affirmations and I do it again at night, and sometimes I'll do it through the day as well. If I need a little reminder, I also read before bed. So this is a habit that I used to do all the time. I would always be reading books and I am one for reading books that are about, oh , so many different things. So health , um , law of attraction , um, business like different, different things that are just feeding my brain with more information to help me thrive rather than , uh , I guess romance novels and things like that. That's just not my cup of tea, but I mean, that could be great for you as well. I'm not saying that romance novels are bad or negative or anything at all. Not, not even in the slightest. I'm just letting you know that this is the type of book style that I like to read. So I feed my brain with these types of things before bed. And what I also like to do as well is I love to listen to meditations or hypnosis sort of audios before I go to bed as well. And they help me get my brain, oh , my subconscious mind, rather into a state where I can take on board all this positive energy and go to bed in a deep restful sleep by listening to this amazing audio program that I, you know, pick depending on what I feel like at that particular time. Um, I have lots of different ones that I listen to, but I find that feeding my brain with this type of information really helps me. I don't watch the news. I don't listen to the news. I follow nothing about the news. Um, I , I find that scrolling through Instagram can be negative enough for me or even Facebook. I, I try my best not to do that very much anymore because I find that even that just lowers my energy and changes my mindset because there's so many negative things that I, I just don't want to have access to. I don't want to be bombarded with it on a daily basis. So I do my very best to avoid it . And for some people that may seem ignorant or it might seem crazy. I don't , I don't know , let me know what you think of that. But for me, I'm an empath and I take on board things very, very easily, very, very quickly I pick up on people's energy and I absorb that very easily. So I find that if I'm bombarded with too much negativity online, then that affects me very, very deeply. And the thing is, many people are exactly the same, but they just don't realize it. So it might be worth you doing a little technology detox and seeing how you feel, and maybe cutting back on what you're exposing yourself to. You know, if, if you like to sit down and watch movies before bed or TV shows, think about what you're watching and maybe look for movies or documentaries or shows that you can watch that lift you up and inspire you and motivate you rather than some of the movies and TV shows out there that don't really make us feel good. They make us feel angry or sad, or just have negative feelings. So we are these amazing beings that constantly absorb what's around us. And it's as simple as changing a few little tweaks in your life to improve your mindset and to focus on what you want. Now, some of you probably have heard me talk about the law of attraction in the past. And I am a huge advocate for the law of attraction. I think it is so powerful. If you think it's woo woo , or you don't have any understanding of it whatsoever. I suggest that you read a book, find out a little bit more about it and see if it can help change your mindset, because everything is about attracting what you want. And if you focus on the positive, then you're only drawing in more of that positive into your life. And I think that's so powerful and it's something that many of us need to do many more people need to do, because we would live such a abundant, amazing, beautiful life. The more that we focus on this and focus on what we do want rather than focusing on what we don't want, if that makes sense. So go out and, you know, hit your library, borrow a book, or buy a book online, or even just get on Google and learn a little bit more about the law of attraction and how that can change your mindset. So my top suggestions for you today would be start your day with reading affirmations. So if you dunno what an affirmation is, it's basically a statement in a positive sense. So something like I am full of energy, I am loved. I am healthy, things like that. So you , you are telling yourself over and over because when we tell ourselves negative things, we believe it. So when it comes to our health, when it comes to our body, if you are focusing on things that you don't like, you're just drawing more attention to that. And you are changing your mindset. So focus on what you do want. Okay. So definitely start with affirmations. The other thing would be to focus on cutting out things that are no longer serving you. So things that cause you anxiety or stress or make you feel upset, try and cut those out of your life as best as possible. The other thing would be to have a technology detox as best as possible. I know we all live on our phones. We are all just consumed in society with our jobs and everything is basically on our phones these days or laptops, but try and cut back as much as possible and stop following people that don't bring you joy. If there's someone that you are connected to on, for example, Facebook, and when you see their posts, you don't feel good. You feel something negative, you can unfollow that person. So you don't have to unfriend them, just unfollow them. So you don't have to see their negativity. I've done that to so many people <laugh> . So I don't have their rubbish in my face. If I happen to go on there and it pops up. So that's another one that you can do , and then focus on reading great books that make you feel amazing . Focus on watching shows that help you feel better in your mindset as well. So I hope this helps. I hope this is informative. It's a little off kilter from my typical celiac disease conversation. However, as I've said,

Speaker 2:

This is the healthy celiac podcast, and it's not just about living a gluten-free lifestyle. It's also about many other aspects of your health and your lifestyle. And that's why we touch on these OB other subjects every now and again as well. So I hope you like this episode. I hope it has inspired you to focus on your mindset and make some little tweaks in your life. If you would like to let me know what you are going to change or what you have changed after listening to this episode, I would love to hear from you. So reach out to me at the healthy celiac on Instagram. Thanks so much for listening. Take care.