The Healthy Celiac Podcast

Simple Steps to Improve your Attitude and Living with Celiac Disease Ep. 54

April 18, 2022 Belinda Whelan Season 1 Episode 54
The Healthy Celiac Podcast
Simple Steps to Improve your Attitude and Living with Celiac Disease Ep. 54
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Living with Celiac Disease can certainly be tough. In this week's episode I am sharing ways to help you improve your attitude and mindset to be happier and more positive.

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Speaker 1:

Hello. And welcome back to this week's episode of the healthy celiac podcast. Now, I just wanted to talk to you this week about something that's a little off kilter, I guess, because it's not specifically related to celiac disease. It actually helps everybody. But I wanna talk to you about it because I know that it can help you so much because you do have celiac disease. And it's all about adopting a positive attitude because what I see time and time again, is when we have a positive attitude, it just changes everything. And I see people mock this idea of having a positive attitude and making it out that it doesn't make a difference or that it doesn't help, but it does. It really, really does. It's just, it's crazy how much having a positive attitude can completely transform your life. If you've listened to my previous episodes or in particular, the one where I talk about my journey with postnatal depression, I can see in myself how different I was during that period of time, because I didn't have a positive attitude. I was so negative all the time about everything. It was hard to get out of that rock bottom place of feeling depressed and feeling down and looking at any situation with a negative light. There was just no chance of being positive. I just struggled so hard to be positive and to be back to my normal self now, and to be positive and to be feeling all the emotions that I feel again, that I've always felt. It, it just makes me realize that it's such a wonderful place to be. And it's, it's not just by chance that this happens. I, I honestly believe that you can become positive and you need to work on it. It's not just something that you wake up every single day and you're positive. It just doesn't work like that. So I wanted to give you some tips today to help you get to that point and help you see that it is a really great place to live. And it's a really great place to be, because like I said, it can really change the way that you feel, and it can change your life because let's be honest. If you've ever been around someone that's negative, you don't really wanna be around those people. Do you, you want to be around people that are positive. So who's the best person to be around. That's positive, it's you? You are the best person to be around. So if you can wake up and be positive of most days, I'm not gonna say every day, but most days you'll see how much better that is. You'll feel it you'll live. It. People will wanna be around you and you get to, you know, share that positive energy with people. So one of the things that I noticed today, so I was laying there just then with my son, helping him go to sleep. It's one of the things that I get to do as a mom. I'm her lucky<laugh>. And I was laying there and I was thinking about tonight and how the evening went and I cooked tea and I made a mess of it. I dropped it and it went everywhere, all over the stovetop. And if I look back on the time when I had depression, if that had happened, I would've absolutely lost it. And I would've just hadn't milk on. And my teenage daughter was standing next to me when it happened. And she looked at me in shock, like I was about to lose it. And I kind of stomped my feet and had a funny hissy fit and was like, oh my goodness, I can't believe I just did that. And then like cracked up, laughing at myself and just said to her, oh, well, luckily, most of it's still in the pot. It's fine. Like, it was just sauce everywhere.<laugh> and, you know, she looked relieved when I made a joke of her and she cracked up laughing and she's like, oh no, mom, she goes, it's all right. We can still eat it. And I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's fine. It's fine. We can still eat it. It's fine. So yeah, you know, you've just gotta laugh at these things. And I know it's, it can be hard sometimes, but I'm just so glad that tonight just looking at that situation, I was able to laugh at it and, and think positive. Yes, I didn't drop it on the floor. And you know, it didn't go everywhere all over the floor that we wouldn't have been able to eat it. We would've had to have come up with another meal. We were still able to eat that meal. We were still able to away. It was a bit of a pain in the butt, cleaning it up afterwards, but whatever, my kids were happy playing after tea and it was fine. But I, I think that when we are feeling negative and we're in a bad rut, it's easy to think. Wo is me. And to look at the negative side of things, it is how harder to be positive when you're in that frame of mind. So how do we get into this positive state? Because everything's about energy and I believe in positive energy. And I believe in the fact that we do share our, we do share our energy with other people. And if we can make sure that our energy is positive, then like I said before, it helps other people. It, it helps people want to be around you because they're absorbing that positive energy from you. So there's ways that we can have more positive energy and we can feel more positive. And it comes down to a number of, of different things that work for each of us. So everybody's different. I need lots of downtime. I, I am, um, the type of person who, I guess people do take my energy from me. So I have to look after myself because people love to take my energy from me because I am such a positive person. So I have to protect my energy and how I do that is making sure I get lots of downtime and making sure that I'm nurturing myself and focusing on positive self care. So for those of you that have listened to some of my episodes where I've talked about how I take care of myself, when it comes to self care, I have rituals in place that I make sure I look after myself. I'm one of those being that once a week, I have a bath, I have a facial. I chill. I just enjoy that time to myself. So that's one of my rich chores that I look after myself. So making sure that you are doing things for your positive energy, another thing that might work for you is listening to music. So I find that when my kids are getting a little bit ratty and they're being a little bit, I guess, naughty, or on the silly side, I can change the, their energy and help them become more positive by putting music on. So whether it be just normal, old music, you know, pop music, whatever dance music, my son loves rock music. So we put that on. That changes his mood instantly, or we put on kitty music. That's, you know, um, I guess it's action music. So it gets them doing things, you know, if you're happy and you know, it clap your hands, things like that, that really helps them with their energy. So for you, you might have a particular type of music that completely changes the way that you feel when you put it on. So if you're driving in the car, you might notice that when you listen into different types of music, you feel differently. So yeah, work out what type of music works for you. You might be the type of person that likes very calm, meditative music, or you might like rock music that might energize you and lift you up and make you feel, you know, more full of life. So music is a big one. Now, another thing that I've noticed in myself recently is I have got back into focusing on the law of attraction. If you don't know much about the law of attraction, I highly recommend you look into it because I always used to read things about law of attraction, all the different books, um, lots of blog posts, lots of articles. And I noticed that after I had my second and third child, I dropped a lot of that away. And I was more focused on family time and trying to get sleep and, and doing things for my kids that there weren't I get there wasn't as much, cuz I guess on that for myself. And what I've noticed is since I've got back into focusing on the law of attraction, my life is so much better. Everything around me is so much more positive. And I'm finding that having that daily

Speaker 2:

Focus on the law of attraction has been wonderful. Now a great start if you, if you know a little bit about the law of attraction, but you don't really do too much with it is to download a couple of apps that I'm gonna tell you about really quickly. So one of them is the secret daily teachings and I set this to co come on as a reminder each and every morning. And it comes on just after my alarm, uh, to get up in the morning. And it's a reminder to read the little daily teaching on this secret app. And I read that and it's straight away putting something positive into my mindset before anything else. So if you are getting up in the morning and you are putting the news on, or you're looking at social media and it's full of negativity, then that's the first thing that you are focusing on. So I make it a point to focus on something positive from the moment that I get up in the morning. So that one's the secret daily teachings. And then I also have the secret super app. And what I do with this app is I have reminders come on for this app at night. And when I'm laying in bed with my kids and giving them cuddles and getting them off to sleep, once they've relaxed and they don't need me anymore, I lay there and I read through different stories on this app from other people that had positive days and I do daily affirmations. So they're positive daily affirmations. And then I fill out my daily gratitude. I used to do a daily gratitude in a gratitude journal and I filled that up and I, I just felt like I didn't want to keep writing it down in a book because of just takes up space. So lo and behold, I found this app and now I do my daily gratitude in that. So if you've never done daily gratitude, just start by writing down three things that you are grateful for. And even if you find it hard to be grateful for something, you can find three things. Even if it's something as simple as I'm grateful for the roof over my head, I'm grateful for the food that I got to eat. I'm grateful that I woke up to this beautiful day. Something like that, something very simple. The more you do it, the more you realize the wonderful things in your life. So I'm grateful for this amazing gluten free food that I just ate. I'm grateful that I can find gluten free food in abundance. I'm grateful that my local restaurant is now offering gluten free options. You know, there's, there's ways that we can emphasize our celiac lifestyle, our gluten free lifestyle and focus on the positive because we don't wanna be focusing on the negative all the time because that's what takes us away from this positive energy and lifting us up and making us feel better. So I highly recommend working on GRA gratitude, but, and doing it daily, daily gratitude is so, so powerful. And like I said, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, the easier it is to find things that you're grateful for. I, I started off with just one daily gratitude. So years ago when I had my first business helping loving life every night on Facebook, I would do a daily gratitude post and I would put it out there. And some days other people would write underneath my post, what they were grateful for. And sometimes it would be crickets, no one would share anything, but I was still doing my daily gratitude. So I did that many, many years ago with my very first business and was sharing that message. And now I do multiple. I do sometimes it's 10 things a day that I'm writing that I'm grateful for. So the more I do it, the more I find to be grateful for. So I think that's very, very powerful. So yeah. Give that a go see if that, see if it resonates with you, see if that's something that helps you. So just a few quick ones for you this week and yeah. Give it a go. See how you can improve your mindset. See how you can focus on having a more positive energy. It could be doing something like dancing. Dancing could be something to make you feel better in yourself and make you feel happier and more positive. So we are all different. We all have different things that make us feel positive and feel that it lifts us up. So I'm not gonna rattle off everything. There's just too many things. I could probably list a hundred. That would be a very long episode, but I just wanted to bring this to your awareness. And I just wanted to share this with you because I do believe it's powerful and I do believe that it can make a difference. So find what makes you feel happy, find what makes you feel energized, find what makes you feel that it lifts you up in this lifetime? Because the more we can do those things, the better we feel, the more energy we have, the more of abundance we create and the more of a flow on effect we give to others. So give it a go feel free to message me, email me, whatever you wanna do to share with me what changes you are going to make to do your best, to be more and more positive each and every day. I would love to hear from you. This is so my, um, oh, I don't even know how to explain it. This just is powerful to me. I love it. I love hearing people make positive change. It absolutely lights me up. So I truly would love to hear from you if this resonates and you're gonna make some changes. So go out there, love life, live it to, to its fullest and be the amazing person that you can be. So thanks so much for listening. And I truly look forward to talking with you again next week and hearing from you. Take care. Bye bye.